5 Cakes And Their Names You Need To Try Out
5 Cakes And Their Names You Need To Try Out

Cakes and their varieties

Today at Grants Events we will be giving you 5 varieties of cakes out of many types of cakes we have.

Basically there are many types of cakes with different categories, by flavour, mixing or even ingridents

But we will give you top 5 list out of all categories to start with.

  • Sponge Cake and Genoise Cake
  • Pound Cake
  • Chiffon Cake
  • Butter Cake
  • Red Velvet Cake

Sponge Cake And Genoise Cake

It will be nice to start with Genoise Cake. Basically in Italy and also france Sponge cakes are called genoise cake. In this type of cake eggs and sugar with butter sometimes are beaten till its thick and add flour then bake in a round pan.

Most times genoise cakes are sized in horizon layer with flavour syrup in between o make moister and this type of cakes is found in mostly cofeeshop

Sponge cakes just did not contain baking soda  or powder

let talk about Pound Cake

Pound Cake

This type of cake is butter  family cake and it is called pound cake because of the mentionment base on pound.

Just Like pound of butter, pound of flour, pound of sugar or pound of egg sometimesthe egg white will be separated

Pound cake is always baked in a loaf pan

Sour cream cakes, coffee cakes, and fruit crumb cakes are variations of pound cake.

Chiffon Cake

This type of cake is between oil cake and sponge cake. 

The egg used in this type of cake is separated only the white is turned till it is flatter and mixed with butter with the materials. It is baked in a tube pan.

This is invented by American salesman that sold the recipies to general mills an dgenrally in market in 1940s and 1950.

Butter Cake

Butter cake will always be mentioned well known and any cake sthat begin with sugar and cream butter is a butter caker

You add egg , flour, sometimes milk and baking powder or baking soda to make it rise

It can be white or yellow though colour depends on whether its the yellow yolk in egg use or the white or mixed  

Red  Velvet Cake

This one of the cakes you really need to try out is part of butter cakes but usually made up of oil instead of butter 

It's of different colour segments that cocoa also distinct the colour to make it more reddish velvet.

It is said that its first baked  the 1920s by a chef at the Waldorf-Astoria. 

For me it is cakes of colours..

These are the list of cakes you really need ot try out.

You can contact us at Grants Events we cover lot in our baking school